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Hello all, I'm new so go easy. Just wondered if anyone has any ideas on why my windscreen washers won't work, the wipers come on but I get no water - or any noise from the motor.
I've checked the fuse and it's not blown.
My head is telling me that the motor/pump is knackered, but I thought I post to see if there was another fuse/relay that could cause this (I'm an optimist).

Sadly the car has to go next Monday, I have a new job and can't afford to fund the petrol addiction my lovely alfa has. I will be getting another though - when funds allow.

One more thing, I thought that being the selespeed model, it would be hopeless in the snow. How wrong could I have been, stuck her in second and we were romping up hills that other cars were sliding down backwards - it's like a snow mobile! (with no screen washers)

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Tube gets caught under the bonnet in the top righthand corner of
the engine bay.

There are threads as old as the hills on this issue, thread search is your friend.


Edit: I just checked with search. That's for the rear washers.
But check the tubing anyway. Otherwise the jets are blocked
or it's the motor.
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