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Well, I bought one!
I got an 03 147 1.6ts with 81k on it for £2k. Needs a few things sorting, a few of which I've looked up on here. Think "Chris" is sorting out my knackered key, booked it in for a Cam belt ,water pump and possibly the variator too.
Have a few questions though.....
Key buttons packed up after changing the key. Am I reading it right that I have to get a dealer to recode it??? Seems a bit anal!
Cruise control doesn't work. Read that the clutch and brake switches can be the cause?
Is there a recommended manufacturer of bushes? It was always powerflex in the BMW world or meyle. Think i need to change a few, it makes some yukky noises on bumpy surfaces. Main culprits would be which ones? Seems to pull to the left a bit.
iPod connection seems to have been covered!

Thanks in advance, appreciate any help/light you can throw on things!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts