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After a miserable time running the sub wires in my 147, I think this could help make your install a bit easier.

I used the grommet above the abs module, used by the hood latch cable and some thick harness. It is above and to the left of the pedals when looking from inside. Access to the grommet is nonexistant, so cutting it is not really an option.

  • If you plan on routing thin wire (8awg/10mm2 and thinner) it might be possible by just poking a straightened coat hanger and pulling it through.
In my case of 4awg wire (20mm2) this was impossible (tried for multiple hours).

  • So what I did was use a heated screwdriver to melt a hole in the grommet for the wire. Be VERY CAREFUL if you do attempt this method though, as to not melt through to the harness that also uses this grommet. Could lead to some unfortunate electric problems, which is the last thing you need in an alfa :).
  • Next I poked the coat hanger through and made a loop at the end of it, twisting the ends so it does not bend straight and let go of your wire. Then I stripped about 5cm (1.5inch), and "sharpened" the end of the cable insulation (that 0.5mm edge you get when you strip the wire) and twisted the wire on the loop I made. Lastly wrapped it all in tape, dipped it in some holy water and went for the 1000th attempt, which thankfully was successful.
My main problems were: the cable kept letting go where I twisted it, straight up ripped due to a mediocre insulation stripping job (made sure not to cut any bit of the wire on the final attempt), the coat hanger loop straightened out, got caught, or also, just straight up ripped off due to multiple tries of pulling it through.

As for routing it in the cabin I just tucked it under the plastic between the carpet and the door, it came out by where the seatbelt mounts, from there I routed it under the seat and into the boot, this is quite easy because the seats fold up on the 147. Same procedure for the RCA's on the other side of the car. There is however some cable visible (around 10cm, and only when getting in the back seats) between the seat and where the seatbelt mounts, so you could unbolt the plastics and run it through the rear doorcard for a clean install. Have yet to find a good ground, so I am temporally using one of the bolts of the luggage hooks in the trunk.
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