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The wife's 2003 147 has been laid up for the last three weeks as we were mid house-move so I went to it on Monday as it was still on the original battery.
Needless to say would not start, all the lights came on, the starter sluggishly turned but then the battery died.
Left it on charge for 2 days on trickle, put it back in and got the engine reluctantly started.
Almost immeadiately a "low battery charge" warning came up on the info screen and as I revved the engine, there was a slight squeek then smoke started to pour out the bonnet.
Quickly switched off and after recovery a seized alternator was diagnosed and will need a new battery and drive belt too.
The car has been recovered to Red Motori near Blandford Forum as they are my nearest indy now, anyone used them and do they have a good rep?
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