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147 Selespeed stuck in gear! Please help!!

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Yesterday I bought a 2001 147 selespeed. After doing 20 miles the gearbox was stuck in 4th gear and would not engage in any other gears but seemed to be in neutral as the throttle had no response, apart from high reving!! After 15 minutes I was able to start the car again but it happened again 2 miles later!! Oil levels seem fine. Any suggestions please???
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I thought you posted this recently? Perhaps not. Check rarebears posts out as he had similar I believe when the clutch failed.:):
also check the pump runs, type selespeed into the search function for a lot of information
Right HtheS.:): Thought we answered this yesterday, starting with suspect batteries as a first port of call?:confused:
how on earth can you remember that far back?:)
Well it must have been yesterday as today is Monday?:confused: Whoops! here I go again, such a well organised life I lead.:D
I would drive it 20 miles straight back to the garage...
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