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Having read through a lot of posts RE: selespeed I thought I'd ask a bit of advice.
I started the car this morning & set off.....I turned the corner and it fell out of gear. I stopped and it would not select any gear....all the bells & whistles flashing 'selespeed system failure'. I turned off the ignition and started again, it slected 1st, 2nd, and then all the bells and whistles again.
It will not select Reverse, 3rd, 4th, 5th and when in 1st sat still and I change to neautral the engine almost stalls??!!?! (Not heard of that on any posts)
I have checked the battery and changed it to be safe - no joy.
Oil seems ok to. It has given no idication of a failure prior to this, and simply will not get to a garage - centre of Manchester, so nearest service centre is 15 miles away in 2nd gear :(

Any advice/thoughts greatly appreciated...
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