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2 weeks ago could only get 2nd and 4th (that's with stick, paddle and citymode).
Limped off to the repairer and he re-calibrated the system - No help, still 2nd and 4th.
Then he found a loose locknut on a selector - tightened and re-calibrated.

He mentioned that the multiplug (under the battery) is often the cause of problems and cleaned it out with some or other solvent.
All gears worked fine.

All was ok for a couple of days, but since them I've been having intermittent shift problems..
sometimes no 3rd, sometimes it hangs in neutral for a few seconds before doing something, other times - no gears. Switch off and try again and they come back.

I have been told that there is some fix for the multiplug and that it only takes about 2 hours to sort out. Apparantly my repairer does this but unfortunately I'm having trouble contacting him.

Does anyone know what this "fix" might be?

I'm guessing that they probably just cut out the plug and re-solder the wires?

Any info would be most appreciated.
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