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I have an airbag light on and having looked in MES it is "21 - Curtain Airbag Squib (Driver)" value too high or something like that.

I'm planning on disconnecting the battery for 30 minutes, inspecting the connectors and either cleaning/reassembling with cable ties or soldering and heat shrinking so it doesn't come back.

I've tried clearing the code with the engine on and off and it comes straight back.

Also suspecting possible water leaking in as it's been very wet and I've just had the car washed.

My worry is that at the moment I don't have a remote fob that operates the remote central locking and therefore the alarm. As the alarm is disarmed this is not an issue and I just use the key to lock/unlock the car.

If I disconnect the battery will the alarm re-arm itself when I reconnect it, and therefore lock me out of the car? I think this unlikely but always better to be cautious!

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