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147 Q2 Cigar Lighter Remove and Bulb Change

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Hello colleagues,

Help a brother out :(

Driving a '08 Alfa Romeo 147 Q2 and my cigarette lighter bulb is intermittently working, so today I tried to get it changed.
I looked Elearn and it says it should be a straight forward job, remove the cigar lighter socket, change the bulb and put it back on ... big no no. :tut:

I tried almost anything and bloody socket just won't pop out. Tried turning it clockwise counter clockwise (no movement), undid the gear leather to get access - removed the ashtray, removed the connector and it just won't go out.

I even broke part of the plastic trying to take the socket out.

It is like something is holding it like glued from just one side and it won't give up.

Feel stupid, but really can't get it out without breaking.

Attaching image where it seems stucked.

Tell me what am I doing wrong?



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The metal bit will come out separately once it's all unplugged, then the illumination ring will come out afterwards, the metal bit actually protrudes right through the red plastic, stopping you taking it out in one go, once you've removed the metal, you can manoeuvre the illumination ring out, the bulb is to one side, so it kinda comes out sideways. Can't remember if there's more than one electrical connector or not though

Hope that helps a bit
Thanks, will try tonight and report what happened.

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Removed it, you are a saver!

I don't even smoke but it is a principle question it has to work, changed the bulb and is a joy to look at now.

To other colleagues that come on this thread and are trying to get out the lighter. Don't twist the whole lighter socket clockwise or counter clockwise as there is a hidden pin below and lighter will come out only from its original position.
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