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was sitting in traffic today fidling with the cd player in the car to see if the cd is still being played when i press the mute button and i looked up at the dials in front of me and for some reason all of the dials eg speedo/petrol level/temp gauge/rev counter had all dropped down to zero as if the engine was off but three lights were light up which were:
1) handbrake light- but i did't have the hand brake on
2)asr light - hadn't pressed the asr button
3)abs light
then when the dials came back to life again the display for cd player said no cd and turned to the radio but i got 10 cd's loaded in the boot any one know what this could be? i read somewhere that faults are shown by a flashing odometer or something like that but this weren't happening only the second time i driven it as its been in the garage for bout 6 weeks due to fact hadn't sold my other car and this is the second thing to happen to it
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