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147 JtdM Aircon condensor

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Does anyone know whether there are alternatives to the original part? New or used its all good. Is it the same part on all models of 147 and/or 156?
I've been quoted £180 for the part + 3Hours labour say £400 to replace and recharge my leaking part and sadly it isn't worth it with the other things I know need doing - Cam belt change, Injector Service, Wheel Refurb and probably some new bushes soon too. Well over a grand in total.:(
Getting the condensor down to about £200 might mean I can keep the car another year or so.
I've done 80K miles with 105K on the clock now and enjoyed them all, I could just leave the aircon not working but the weather is quite hot at present and it would be nice to have it available.
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That's a useful link. I'm working away from home for the foreseeable future so I'll ask my mechanic down south if he can do the job for a decent price. It should be possible with my target of £200.

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