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147 JTDm 8v Hybrid turbo upgrade

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Well after playing with most things on my car ive decided to upgrade the turbo, i was happy with the remap but as always you need a little more :) and before you say it yes id have been better off starting with a 16v 150bhp rather then the 8v but when i brought this car i had no real intention of doing anything other than wheels and some lowering springs but thx to this forum i now cant help myself...:cry:

So a few options came up, the choice i was going to go with was a plug and play gt2256v kit from JS JTD, but have decided to go with a 1756 hybrid less one off parts etc , the goal from this is the magic 200bhp which i should quite easily obtain, any more than this and i'll need to start looking at a bigger intercooler , better clutch etc so im trying not to go to far.

Here she is, a stage 2 hybrid from Adam Davidson at tdi turbos ,this wont go on unitll i have one final part a decat down pipe from JS tuning then it will get fitted and off to reddot for a remap
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Just seen it too, even posted on that thread so don't know where I got 215 from.

On my Astra, (same engine, different gearbox), the 350lbft at lowish rpm would probably cause clutch/dmf problems, but whether its say 200 or 230 bhp at higher rpm not so much.

You intending to dyno it when all done?
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