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Hi first of all. I wrote about these and asked you guys before about the tuning capabilities of this engine.

There was a two slight approach I have seen. Bigger turbo needs big efforts (new air intake, maybe fmic etc.) but kinda smaller one will be live even from the old effective interval. So I decided for second one.

Old stock turbo was whistling and needing revision. So we decided to bring up a new turbo by major modifying. It's a vnt 20, gt 2052v 2.7 tdi turbo. Pressure is about 1.5-1.6 close to stock and structure of turbo doesn't make low rpms dead, they're lively as old and after 2900 rpm it becomes another monster with a sound change.

We built downpipe and full exhaust with diameter of 60 mms. Egr deleted by mechanically and software.

We tried to change stock clutch kit with ones I bought from elsewhere, I have paid twice for changing it but nothing come up. Reinforced clutch kit did not fit. Two different alfa service told me that clutch kit is appropriate so we fit old kit again.

We get around 206 hp at crank at 1.55 bar. Nearly smoke free and goes more than well for me.

IATs were fine when we checked it at remap. Gonna fit a boost controller in a close time.

But there are some little problems or problematic ones;

-I wanted to remove manifold flaps and bought a kit for it. But noone is approaching to do it, is it really tough to do?

-Do I need air intake? Parameters look fine but summer didn't come up yet. I have worries about it when weather comes heater and this effects performance bad? So what can I about it?

Alfa Romeo 147 1.9 JTD BMC CDA Induction Kit ACCDA70-130-SAC09070K Only £156.95

ALFA ROMEO 147 1.9 JTD BMC DIA Intake Kit DIA70-130-SAC09070K Only £103.90

What are the differences of these? Do you guys really advice? In forum some people told that ofcourse it's good to do but K&N stock airbox filter is more cost effective. I already have a KN, does that bring up really feelable effects?

- Do I need a larger intercooler? They say 7 or 8 litres one is enough for it. But I am again not sure about how cost effective it will be.

These two are around 600 euros + worksman costs.

---And what do you guys advice me to do for engine's reliability? Thanks.
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