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So I got the cheapest parking sensors with a screen from Aliexpress like I've always done on all my cars with no problems.

I'm not handy with anything, nor have the space and tools to do the installation, so I must pay someone else to do it.

How easy is it to remove the bumper, pass the cables through the interior etc? My mechanic who is a relative doesn't have a specialized electrician, and pays one when needed, so I don't want him to go to all this trouble to help me, and perhaps even pay the electrician from his own pocket.

I was thinking of taking the car to a generic car electrician, but Im afraid he ll **** up the interior/bumper or anything model specific on the process. Does the bumper removal require removal of the wheels too like the front one does? Is it easy to pass/hide the wire through the carpet and plastics from the trunk to the dashboard?
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