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147 how to replace the air con matrix

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Right, I have a failed air con matrix on my 54 plate 147 TS. I have found a preowned (second hand) one available, but I am not sure how to replace it. So does anyone have a step by step guide? I have done a forum search and cannot find any results.

I know people will say things like get a pro to remove air con gas, but that has already evaporated, and I will obviously get a pro to re fill it, and i know the pitfalls about buying a preowned one but I just need to know how to replace the matrix.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Haven't tried this yet on my 156, it is on my to-do list, but would assume 147 would be same so probably bumper and grill off.

Problems will be the hex bolts holding pipes to condenser as these are likely to sheer and the bolts holding condenser to front panel.

Personally I'd probably avoid 2nd hand as this is just behind the grill and a small stone would hole it easily so having changed it you might find it just loses pressure anyway.
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