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Hi guys,

I'm having the usual problem with the gear stick.
My car is the 147 (year 2007)

I created a video for more details:

The problem is that when I checked with ePER I can see a different description of the assembly.
The gear stick is mounted on a two part construction (a vessel with part no 55191141 and a support with part no 46768694 ) while mine seems to be one item.
I suspect that all the other parts are the same though. Does anyone know that for sure?

I was planning of making the repair during weekend so I would like to buy all spare parts before I properly inspect the damage (other wise I will spend one Saturday to inspect and put everything back, and another to repair... ).

It seem to be a common issue so does anybody know what usually need to be replaced? I would say the Bush (part 46768694).

Thank you for your input (for one more time)

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