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Hi Guy’s,

I am new to the forum, I drive a 2002 2.0L 147 Selespeed.

I don’t know Alfa as this is my first, therefore I need some help please. I am planning a few things (still in the research phase)

1) I want to lower the car by about 40mm are there any special conditions that I need to take into account?
2) I need to rebuild the block because I have some issues pertaining to the rings on piston (s) 3 & 4
a. For this are there any special considerations to take into account?
b. What are the best after market rings and Barings (I drive quite hard so I am really keen on getting good parts that will last a very long time) I am in South Africa so if there is an online store that could arrange shipping it would be great, alternatively I will prob just stick to the usual expensive Alfa parts from a dealer on this end.
3) I also need to do some work on the cylinder head as my varriator is shot.
a. Are there any special considerations to take into account?

The reason for the repeated request with regards to special considerations is that I heard lots of things about Alfa’s pertaining to the engines mostly don’t do this and don’t do that or you have to do this that way, ect.

I have rebuilt many engines in my time but have never rebuilt an Alfa engine. Thought I would post here and get some advice from someone who might actually have done the tasks listed above.

Thanks Boys
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