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Does anyone out there have any experience of the self-adhesive mirror glass replacements that stick over a broken glass? Some muppet hit the mirror of our 147 outside the house last night and smashed the glass - and of course didn't leave his/her details :mad:. Having browsed various parts sites (shop4parts, ebspares etc) and ebay, the options seem to be as follows:
  1. Alfa original glass with backing (Shop4parts) - approx £37
  2. Non-Alfa glass with backing (Ebay) - approx £20
  3. Self adhevive glass (Ebay) - approx £8
The self adhesive option sounds cheap and nasty and I doubt whether it works long term (particularly with heated mirrors) - but if anyone out there has used one successful I may give it a try.

Otherwise if I go for one with the proper housing, how easy is it to take out the broken one and replace (given that I am mechanically hopeless).

Any suggestions welcomed.
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