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147 clutch fitment ?

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Hi guys got to change my clutch . 2.0 tS manual .
Question is this can you fit a 235 mm diesel clutch plate and cover ?
Reason thinking about wether it will give me a clutch upgrade for same or similar price . Anyone got any thoughts for or against.
My car does have the concentric slave/bearing . Would this be strong enough to use with this clutch.
Please discuss .
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Really not sure, for safety's sake as it's a pig of a job, I'd just look for an updated one designed for the 2.0, as for the slave cylinder, I had mine replaced 9k miles ago, ans have very little faith in them, I don't ride the clutch either. Be a swine if that have up the ghost a few miles down the road.

When mine went, it went big time, shot all the clutch fluid onto the sliproad, pinged some part of the bearing into the clutch plate, and scared me witless!

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Yeah thanks . I've got to change all of it but wondered if the diesel would even be possible .
Pain as only just changed the engine and just didnt have the cash to do the clutch. The plate and cover are ok but need to be done soon but the cylinder has given up when I put it back together :rant: I hoped it might last a couple of months till I had saved up some cash!
Still can't have everything :cheese:
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