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147 Climate Control issue

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Hi all,

Say it's 1 degree C outside. I get in my 147 JTD, turn on the climate control, set the temperature to 20 degrees, and switch on "auto". The fans never seem to go above 1 or 2 bars on the display and after 5 minutes, I have no bars displayed (eg fans off but control on), and the right hand auto light has gone out, but obviously the set temperature has not been reached. I always end up not being able to use the auto settings, and have to turn on the fans myself.

I also notice that when I use the HI setting to demist when I first get into the car, the fans only kick in once I've been driving for a while (not too good when you need to de-mist!). Again, I have to use manual control to get the fans going to de-mist the windscreen before driving off but it seems to take ages. I thought the JTDs had a secondary heater for coping with this?

Any advice or ideas on what could be wrong?

Alfa dealer told me they couldn't find anything wrong, but knowing them that's because they didn't have a logged error code to work with, so therefore nothing can possibly be wrong!?!


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The HI bit you describe is totally normal and as per the handbook. Not sure about the rest though.....

The 147s aircon is pants.

It has a mind of it's own. Could never
get it to stay in full manual mode.
Always switched to auto after restarting
the car.

It takes ages to either heat-up or chill
and I don't think it's designed to work
below 3 degC. :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

At least they seem to have put a better unit
in the 159 & Brera.

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I think it is meant to work like that. When starting up, the climate control will not let cold air from outside blow into the car. It keeps the fan on low speed until the engine is hot enough to blow warm air into the car. The fan will slowly ramp up as the engine temperature increases.

The fan will then ramp down once the temperature has been reached and will generally operate at the lowest fan speed necessary to maintain the temperature
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