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147 Boot release

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Hi, I have the following problem with my boot - It only releases remotely for a few seconds after I have switched of the ignition. If I press the boot release from on my key the indicator lights flash but the boot does not open.

I have just heard from my local Alfa dealer that in order to fix my problem he will have to replace the entire electrical harnass. I am not that sure that I would like a local technician here in deepest darkest Africa trying to replace my wiring harnass.

Any suggestions??
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Is it completely dead or does ot make any noise at the lock when you attempt to open it. Had a similar problem with my 156 boot release but a hour of adjustments at local dealer sorted it out. It made a noise like it attempting to open though.

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No, totaly dead. I have had the solenoid tested but it seems fine. I was at my local dealer this morning but they seem clueless as to what the problem might be. They have also once again indicated that they would replace the entire harnass to sort out the problem.
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