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2003 147 2L Sele - We have sprung a serious fuel leak at the plastic elbow where the fuel hose attaches to the fuel rail. It appears to come from where the elbow clips into the rail (well at least it looks like it clips in because there are 2 press button type thingys on either side of it and it moves up and down - but doesn't want to come out)
My first thought was that it should be a simple fix and that there would probably just be an O ring or something like that that needs replacing, but seeing as it doesn't seem to want to come out I'm not sure.
Alfa agent here (Arnold Chatz:mad:) tells me that there is no part number for this part as it is either part of the fuel rail or that it gets supplied with it, at a cost of about R1,400 (that's ridiculous) They also couldn't tell me if the elbow clips out, or if it doesn't, why it has the 2 press button things and is loose. They also couldn't or wouldn't tell me what's inside there - like an O ring or whatever??

Another agent we went to also couldn't find any info but promises to contact the factory and call us back, but after 4 days they haven't bothered. Seems that all Alfa agents just don't care about their customers.

Any info, like part number, what's inside there, any ideas on how to fix it, etc would be most appreciated. I'm starting to get desperate now !!
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