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Hi there, first post - so go easy on me!

I have a 2002 147 1.6 Lusso with just a standard CD player, and i want to add a CD changer in the boot that plays MP3 (and hopefully from CD-RW CD's) file CD's. I have read a few posts here that are closely related, but all are of for brand new model 147's and for requests of changers that dont neccessarily play MP3 files.

Interestingly, my father has the new 147 model with again its factory standard CD player and that plays MP3's in the main unit but NOT on his Blaupunkt (CDC A03) CD changer. This of course then has thrown up a few concerns i have over finding a suitable unit. My dealer just looked at me like a newly landed alien when i asked them about a MP3 compatible CD changer, so you guys are my last hope!

The closet thing i can find on the net is this as i dont think any of the compatible Blaupunkt changers mentioned in similar posts are MP3 compatible.

Has anyone had or know of any success installing something similar on an older 147 model? Another concern is i'd really like to be able to find a unit that also keeps my steering controls linked.

At the moment it all seems like a minefield. Hopefully one of you guys will be able to help me out?
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