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147 2.0 rough value?

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I am looking at shifting my 05 plate 147 2.0 Lusso but have no idea on value - I know the 2.0s are getting quite rare but some people are saying ridiculously high prices. Mileage is a tad high (150,000+) & it does need a bit of work to get through the MOT but I simply don't have time to do it. If they are worth a fair bit I will keep hold of it & get around to doing the work. If it is only worth a few hundred quid i'll get rid.

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There is a difference in price between a sorted and very clean car being sold by a reputable, ideally specialist trader and a private sale car needing MOT work. Unfortunately it seems your car is the latter so I wouldn't have high expectations about price. I think remaining 156s 147s and GTs are towards the economic end of life unless they are very good or the owner is prepared to spend above market value in order to preserve a particular car. Remaining car numbers are now falling quickly as only dedicated owners are preserving them (in Britain).
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