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147 1.9 JTD - clutch replaced but still can't select gears

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Hoping to tap into the forum's infinite wisdom with regard to a clutch problem on my 147 JTD...

I had my clutch & DMF replaced this week after suddenly being unable to change gear whilst driving (only by rev-matching, with some nasty crunching, did I manage to limp into a side road and wait for a tow to the nearest garage).

Clutch felt much lighter afterwards, and I drove 40 miles back from the garage no problem. Later in the day, after the car had sat on the driveway for a few hours, the problem recurred - clutch won't disengage when the pedal is pressed, and I can't select 1st when the engine is running.

Reading some advice in another thread, I suspected the problem might lie with the slave cylinder - knackered seals letting in air - so I whipped out the battery box and bled the clutch a little. Didn't see any air bubbles but the fluid was quite dirty. The slave seemed to be actuating OK though, giving 6-7cm of travel (at a guess), and there was no sign of any fluid leakage.

After re-assembling, the clutch action improved a little to begin with, but after a few gear changes it was useless again.

I'm wondering:
a) Is the slave cylinder knackered, despite the fact that it seems to be actuating OK?
b) Could the master cylinder be to blame?
c) have I wasted several hundred quid on a clutch replacement for a relatively simple problem with the hydraulics? (147 has done 75k miles on the original clutch)

Would appreciate any advice!
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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