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This is my 147. It was bought in 2001, and it is as brand new. It has only 50000km. It is always kept indoors with my 156 bought in the same year. The only way to keep cars as new is to keep them indoors.
The 147 has GTA seats. They were bought in perfect condition, but with clothe upholstery, so I had to ''dress'' them in leather as the doors' covers were damaged. Fortunately I found in Greece someone I consider a ''magician'' in dressing a car with leather. He was the former head technician in car interior of DACIA in Romania. His work is PERFECT.(I don't know if you can see it in the picture).
The fascia is from the 2007 model-brand new. It needed a minor (for me), change in order to fit it-if you plan to do the same I can give you details with photos.
In the trunk you can see a hi-current ESX amplifier and the crossovers of the hi-end FOCAL loudspeakers I use. You can also see an AUDAX subwoofer in a cabin tailor-made for a perfect fit on the left side of the trunk. As I reached my limit in uploading photos I'll continue later....


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