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Hello guys!​
I had an issue with my camshafts and hydraulic lifter. They were rusty as hell and i replaced the whole head gasket for a newer one(+oil+filter change, new spark plugs too. )
Then it won't start... It just cranks. I checked the petrol pipe and nothing came through, only some tear of gas but nothing more. (just once, then again nothing.)
First of all, i checked all the relays and fuses, especially the gas pump relays. (They worked, 12V on all.)
2. Checked fuse holder (socket.)
3. I tried to push the Fuel shut off switch, nothing happened.
4. I picked out the gas pump no problem with it.
5. I checked the cables which was connected to the pump, they had zero electricity in them. --> (and fuel gauge shows 0 l fuel at all. i poured 20 litres of gas into it...)
So somewhere my electricity losts and cannot go to the pump.

+ I heard some whirring/clicking noise in the behind the dashboard.
Maybe should i put back the angle belt, so maybe computer blocks from starting the engine? (which controls the generator)
Any ideas?
Last question: What's my "brown" key called red master key for ? (left key.)
Or should i take it to a car electrician? Thanks for any answer! (Sorry for bad english, i don't know any words about car stuff.)
(1999 1.6 TS AR67601.)


1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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