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On my plastic topped engine when I put the air-con on the revs pick up to adjust for the extra load.

Also with the air-con on if the temp gauge drifts over 90 the radiator fan switches on at the higher speed straight away and if city driving will sometimes come on at the lower speed regardless of coolant temperature.

Maybe your ECU isn't getting the signal that the air-con is on? The connections to the ECU are on pins 19 & 31 of connector A, the wires are coloured light blue & white and green & black.

I thought that fan control was heater off, on with 0 fan assistance then the fan speeds. My 155 V6 had climate control with a digital temperature display but my 146 just has the air-con on an extra button.

There are 2 air-con hoses prone to failing on the Alfas, I haven't replaced mine yet, even though mine discharges over about 6 months every time. Since they changed to CFC free gas air-con doesn't seem to chill as well and seems more prone to discharging.

I don't know how easy to get or expensive the genuine Alfa hoses are, when I had a problem in the past with other cars I just pop to my local industrial refrigeration suppliers and they knock up hoses with the correct fittings and recharge systems for me. Not being sure of their hoses normally being in an engine bay's heat I put that heat resistant sleeving from RS over them just in case.
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