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I have a 1.9 and want the twin exit exhaust from the 2.4 to complete the rear end of the Ti.

I'm guessing all I will need is something like this, then just remove the blanking plate?
Ragazzon Edelstahl Doppel-ESD 90

629 Euro excluding shipping is a bit steep IMO, so I was thinking either get one made up at a longlife exhaust place or should I attempt to find a second hand one from a 2.4? Anything else like heat shield etc required?

I already have a BMC air filter ready to go on when its serviced, I was also thinking of getting a decat fitted prior to having a remap/EGR/DPF delete but they seem to be like hens teeth!

Or do I go the whole hog and have a custom turbo back system fabricated? The only issue I can see with this is that I'd have to get it remapped at the same time as the lack of DPF will surely cause limp mode?
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