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My GT has developed some kind of a problem with a hot starting. Once it has reached normal working temperature and sat wih engine off for a 10 minutes till 60 minutes (aprox) it will not start (in 90% cases) from the first try and(in 100% cases) once its starts with first/second attempt it will smoke blueish (oil?) smoke for a 1-2minutes. No fault codes, no play in turbo, no holes in turbo hoses, does not consume oil. EGR disabled. Once it is completely cold and sat for 5-6h it will start without problems. Removed MAP and it seems that there is a oil in intake, there are also signs of oil leak near the throttle body. Injectors refurbished with corrections between +-0.2. It does not produce smoke when cold start occurs. Also there was some oil on a intake hose after the MAF sensor. Read the values of desired air intake quantity and actual intake air quantity, seem to correspond well, so MAF migh be alive?

Tried searching forums but seems like there is no definite answer.

Feel free to drop some ideas!

My ideas:
1. Poor starting - Cam/Crank sensor - but no fault codes stored?
2. Blueish smoke - part 55217793 migh be clogged (oil separator) so oil gets to a intake through carter gases valve. On my way to buy used one, try to clean and replace - have someone had a problems with this system? Since there is oil in an intake collector it migh interfere with MAP readings of air temperature (correct me if im wrong, seen somwhere that MAP also reads temperature of intake air)
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