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I just noticed today, while driving on the motorway, that the oil pressure gauge gave zero!
I made this test: engine off, the gauge is below zero like any other gauge. Sensor red light (led) is on. Then turning on the engine, the gauge goes to zero and stays there even while driving. Light is off.
Possible oil pump broken? Sensor broken? Wiring problem? Something else? Can I drive to the garage if something is broken?
Or this gauge is really a fancy stuff to feel like in a F1 in my 1.8 TS? !-)

Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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Hi Gix

Welcome to the forum :D

This came up recently. Sounds like a connection, the sender or the gauge.

Posted by JB: "the oil pressure sensor should be quite large(almost egg cup size)i would look around the oil filter its in there somewhere.!!!when you find it pull off the wire and earth it the gauge should go right up."

and then by Mark T: "Eventually solved my Oil pressure gauge problem.
All that was causing the erractic readings was a dirty connection. Pulled the connector off the sensor (which as it happens is located just underneath the distributor), sprayed in some degreaser, nipped up the spade connector,and reconnected it. Hey presto working oil pressure gauge."


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Hi Guys.

Thanks a lot for your help. Chris, you're right. On the 1.8 TS 8v, it's on the right back side. It's like a golden "bell". I put the plug to ground (electrical shortcut) and the gauge gives 8 bars.

Now measuring the censor gives about:
-338 ohms when engine off, contact off,
-335 ohms when engine off, contact on,
-337 ohms when engine on, contact on.

Well, for an electronician, no relevant variation.

I doubt that the pressure is identical when the engine is on! At least a small pressure should be measured => resistance variation.

It seems like the sensor is dead. I forgot to mention that I have no overheating of the engine oil or water. Everything is as usual.

Is there an oil pump somewhere? I bet it's in the engine itself, directly linked to the distribution chain.

Thanks again.



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Hi Gix,
Can't be anything else, the sensor is dead.
Just as a final check, start your engine and while its ticking over remove the oil filler cap, and look down onto the cam shafts. If you can see oil on them, then there's no problem with the engine. As you say that the red oil pressure warning light is going out after start up, so I think all will be fine here.
FYI the cost of a new sensor unit is app 45 GBP (Euro 68.00)


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Hi Mark.

Thanks a lot for your reply. I will proceed as you described.
Thanks again to all people who helped on this topic.

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