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1.4 Turbo Upgrade Results

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Hi All,

here is the final stage of my 1.4 build.

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red was stock and it put down 152whp on 93octane.
Blue was bolt ons plus map and made 175whp and a whooping 300wtq on 93

Green is Garrett GT2554r on poor 87 (high octane shortage here in Iran) and methanol injection, hence the 11.xx AFR. Boost was 1.15 bar

Traded a lot of low end for high end power which in my book is okay since i’m used to high revving NA engines. It no longer runs out of breath in high RPM’s, no more torque spikes and the turbo is right where it’s rated at 90% of it’s pressure ratio efficiency. The shove at 5000 rpm is pretty intoxicating :)
full mode list:

Garrett GT2554r with 0.64 AR on turbine side
Catless DP
Novitec cat-back
BMC air intake
AEM Water methanol
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts