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Regular visitors to alfaowner will more than likely be aware that there are two GT meets organised for 2014 . The North meet will take place in Preston and the South meet will take place in Bristol.

Covering all angles I have decided to throw this “heads up” thread in every region within reach.

The links below will take you to the respective RSVPs .

The meet in Preston in 2013 was an outstanding day with 17 GTs in attendance, some making a long weekend out of it ….a great opportunity to meet fellow GT owners, discuss common issues, share tips ….this is not about who has the biggest wheels or best paint job, this is about gathering together guys and girls that appreciate perhaps one of the most underrated sport’s coupe of all time.

Link to image thread for our meet in 2013 :
Link to Bristol Meet :
Link to Preston Meet :

So, what you waiting for? …get your name down ….! , that feeling when you know that the car in the middle lane has braked to have a look …multiply that by 20+

Cheers ,

Stuart (& Tony)
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