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Please could you help me folks. I'm going mad with my attemptions to find the problem. My car is a 155 T.Spark 2.0 16V m.year 1995 with Motronic M2.10.3. Do someone have instructions how to read faultcodes from this Motronic. I do have instructions for Motronic M1.7 but as I see those instructions are not for newer Motronic it,s says as follows:

Connect pin A (from reader led + 1 kohm resistor) of the diplsay device to the key-operated supply and pin B to pin 8 of control unit S11.

But the problem are that pin 8 is not the same in the newer Motronic??? Or are I'm wrong????

I could by a new Lambdasensor but it would be nice to first read the codes.

Thanks in advance:


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