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  1. South Africa
    Alright guys, let's go racing! This Wednesday, the 11th I'm going to take the new 156 around the track. Let's all go together and have a jol. We can rock up early at Zwartkops and race all day. Who's in? Let's get a bunch of guys together...
  2. South Africa
    As I mentioned, dont expect much. Was crawling around. Can hear how quickly I get off the throttle thru some corners and how late I get back on the gas. Lack of confidence in the car and it being nervous and twitchy didnt help. Anyways the youtube link here:
  3. South Africa
    Hi Guys, just posting the pics I had on the camera from the day. If anybody wants hi-res of any of them, please pop me a PM or e-mail: [email protected] :thumbup:
  4. South Africa ARCOP will host the Alfa stand. Others may also join in... Let us know who wants to show cars, or just come view.
  5. South Africa
    I will post details. For now I can confirm that it will be the afternoon session the same last year:thumbs::D:D
  6. South Africa
    I took the family out on a very nice Saturday morning, hoping to see some Trofeo and Alfa action, but I was disapointed to see 5 GTV's and a 147 GTA with "packer" on the windows parked under a carport, not racing at all. There was a Junior racing, a yellow one and that was about it for Alfa...
  7. South Africa
    Thought I'd share my lap around the track on Saturday. Had loads of fun. Enjoy!
  8. South Africa
    Is anyone going to the track day at Zwarkops on July 20th?
  9. South Africa
    I attempted posting the event December last year but for some reason it was rejected. Eric will you please assist to make this a sticky and event. It will be held on 20 july 2013.
  10. South Africa
    As stated in the heading next year’s track day will be on 20 July 2013. With the early notification I hope we will see some Eastern and Western Cape cars as well.:thumbs:
  11. South Africa
    Hey guys There is racing this weekend at Zwartkops and the Trofeo series will be running, come support the Alfa's and enjoy a good days racing. If any of the guys wanna arrange a Run to Z from Jo-burg or something?? Details...
  12. South Africa
    This Saturday is the penultimate race for Trofeo for the year - being part of the historic's race day - will be one of the best race days for the year. "Alfa Trofeo and Team Cobra will entertain with a field of 30 Alfas! From the 1965 Alfa Romeo...
  13. South Africa
    So who from here will be doing the Super Trax Day at Zwartkops on the 16th? My Alfetta is currently in the garage for a couple of maintenance jobs: - One CV boot is broken - generic stuff just don't want to last, so side-shaft is coming out. - Replacing old, heavy fans with new, light one. -...
  14. South Africa
    We left Secunda and as we were driving we asked ourselves, are we really going 200+ km for a couple of laps? We arrived, we saw Alfa's and we were happy. Got my pre reg stuff in no time and took some pics as more cars came rolling in, I parked in my novice section eagerly awaiting my 1st taste...
  15. South Africa
    I was lucky enough to get my Go-pro into one of the best Alfa's EVA!! :eek: Here is the Video I made for Youtube! Enjoy guys. :thumbs: Info on the car: - Magazin - Enzo Colonis Power Paket PS: you guys can share the link to any other...
  16. South Africa
    I've been wanting to race at the "Piper Day" for about 10 years and this last weekend my dream became a reality. I arrived on Friday with my car sporting a few modifications since its first race day at the Kyalami 9 hour retro, brake cooling ducts, new master cylinder and the front anti-roll bar...
  17. South Africa
    ..:: POMC - Pretoria Old Motor club ::.. Who's going? I don't see any Alfa-Romeo love mentioned. Maybe Alfa-Romeo owners would like to park their beauties together in the lot and let car lovers get a taste of real class. Adults R50 Children under 12 Free
  18. South Africa
    Hi Alfisti. Please post your laptimes here. Obviously we could all be faster if there weren't slower cars on the track, or the odd engine gremlin did not loosen that one nut... This is not to compare everyone against each other, but rather to compare against your own year/displacement class...
1-20 of 32 Results