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  1. Seduced by a Younger Model

    Alfa Giulia
    So, this was never meant to happen, it wasn't part of the plan ... but I can be pretty impulsive at times. 10 Weeks ago I handed the keys back to Avis at Dusseldorf Airport belonging to the White Alfa Giulia Speciale that i'd managed to blag myself into on the Monday afternoon I arrived. It...
  2. When you were younger did you own

    Poll Room
    a combat jacket? Edit: Posted on behalf of Keithy.
  3. Alfa targets younger motorists

    General Alfa Discussion
    Anyone seen any of these around yet? From AM-online | Automotive Industry News... "A Twitter campaign has been started by Alfa Romeo to increase young motorists' interest in its MiTo. The social media campaign comprises a competition, asking users who spot one of 1,300 stencils of the MiTo...
  4. Make your 166 Look 5 years Younger

    Alfa 164 & 166
    Gentlemen, I have been using some stuff called Dodo Juice Lime prime, and it is chuffing fantastic stuff. It is essentially a milder form of T Cut in that is has a fine abrasive action that takes away swirls and scratches in the paint (my boot was bad around the lock). I used it with a rotary...
  5. Age Poll 2 - Ever lied to appear younger than you are ?

    Poll Room
    Ever covered your age up ? Maybe a white lie on a date or a job interview ? Any Tales ?
  6. Picture of Mr T in his even younger and naughty years :)

    Motoring Images
    Sorry Neil wink