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  1. Recommended specialist in York

    Alfa GTA
    As many on here know, I bought my GTA about a month ago at the bargain price of £4500:thumbs: I budgeted around £1000 for any issues, and decided to give JJB a call in York to give the car a full checkover. Just got it back after a couple of days, after they have changed : Clutch Suspension...
  2. Servicing nr York required

    Morning Folks, I am normally found in the AONE forum's however I require a little help/advice from AOY. I've recently changed jobs and going to be heading to central York - since the sad demise of BMC our local indy up here in the NE I would like some recommendations as to where I could...
  3. York Alfa servicing?

    Introduce Yourself
    Bought my Alfa 3 weeks ago and have heard that there is an independent garage that does Alfa servicing in York. Anyone know of this? cheers:)
  4. cracking day out near York - 15/6/08

    North East
    nice 5 no 6 no 7 car convoy going south - good to meet up with the Yorks lot at B&Q Great meet today - got some lovely snaps, and the weather held off too :cool: went back via Malton Road, Helmsley way, down Sutton Bank, Thirsk, N,allerton, with plenty of time to be financially gang-probed in...
  5. Supercar event in New York

    General Motoring Discussion
    Last Sunday AO Member F Spider and I attended a privately organized supercar event in New York. 23 Exotics showed up and this is my lil' report:
  6. York based Alfa specialist is victim of burglary

    General Alfa Discussion
    Hi Folks, I thought you should all know about Johnny's misfortune. Do what you can to help. He's only been open for business for a couple of months and this has really knocked the wind out of his sails. Cheers, David Burglars Batter New Business (from York Press)
  7. SPOTTED Alfa GT on York A1237

    General Alfa Discussion
    Hi was it YOU, I spotted an Alfa GT in Bronze ish colour today at about 10:45 on the A1237 York outer Ring Road near the Fire Station. I was heading up to Clifton Moor and you were going towards Monks Cross, If So a Big HELLO from Me, i was in a Silver 156:thumbs:
  8. york drag racing anyone?

    General Alfa Discussion
    Off to york drag races tomorro (B.H.Monday) with my son, if anyone fancies meeting up, should be a good day if the weather holds, i know its not Alfa stuff, but should be awesome with the Jap tuners shoot out, American muscle, R.W.Y.B and the jet car.;) Anyone interested in meeting and showing...
  9. Autotrader ad (somewhere north of york?)

    Alfa 155
    1994 L Reg ALFA ROMEO 155 2.5 V6 4dr (AMAZING HISTORY-READ THIS AD!! (trade) anyone been to see this or know anything about it?:)
  10. 'Funny' Alfa Spider ad in New York

    General Alfa Discussion
    Read this ad all the way
  11. Pics from my holiday to New york....

    Motoring Images
    a few pics :)
  12. York - the bad news

    General Alfa Discussion
    My car is at Jamie Porter's at the moment for a service and to have the power-loss sorted out. I took along my 'power plot' from Alwyn Kershaw's and he said that Kershaw's dyno is well known for over-reading so it's not safe to take that as a reliable reading for the car. In my case he said...
  13. Power graphs from York

    International Events
    Please remember to send me the forms for your car details for those who went to York. It was posted on the main York thread if you didn't see it..........thanks wink wrinx
  14. outing to york?

    International Events
    will someone give me details on when this is happenning please?