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  1. Suds & stuff, AROC York

    Meets & Events Images
    sorry it's mainly sud based, but then i'm biased :lol:
  2. A Visit to Spettacolo dell'Alfa di York today

    I went up in the car to Spettacolo dell'Alfa di York Fantastic weather and some wonderful cars to view Alan
  3. Spettacolo dell ’Alfa di York (York Alfa Romeo Pageant) - Sunday 1st May

    North East
    Who's going from up here? #
  4. YorAlfa - York Alfa Day - 1st May 2011

    Any one coming!?.... Spent the day there last years, most of it outside the Kings Arm's on the river!! (after a few hours admiring the beatiful cars!!) :thumbs:
  5. Spettacolo dell ’Alfa di York (York Alfa Romeo Pageant)

    Following the overwhelming success of Last years event to mark the century year of Alfa Romeo the Yorkshire section of AROC will once again be running this event More information can be found here :- (please note this is a AROC event so we at AO have...
  6. are AROC organising a York "fest" this spring?

    General Alfa Discussion
    I seem to have seen evidence that this is happening - though not on the AROC site? i think this has been raised before, perhaps? but can't recall the outcome :rolleyes:
  7. Anyone from the York area fancy a beer one evening in Feb?

    As per the thread title really, noticed that there are a few owners from around the York area some of us being new to the marque - dont want to upset the apple cart with any established meets i.e the Northern Brighouse meet that runs on a monthly basis (As soon as the next date is posted i will...
  8. York Sunday 1st May 2011

    Is something Alfa related happening in York on the above date? I ask because I've just noticed this
  9. New GTV V6 owner in York

    Hello Yorkshire people. I have just bought (yes heart over head decision which are always the most fun!) an Alfa GTV V6 on a 51 plate...with 6 speed, leather, teledial wheels with under 70k miles. I had an alfa before (164 while I was at uni about 5 years ago, L574SGJ where are you!) and I am...
  10. hi from gt owner at york.

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    good to be back with an alfa, felt like the first time i sat in my first alfsud back in 84, the same feel and excitement you can feel the bloodline!! any alfa get togethers near york?
  11. Greetings from New York

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    Hello, I have recently purchased my first Alfa, a 1960 Giulietta Spider. This car had been tucked away in a heated garage for the last 43 years. Original owner passed away. Underneath the accumulated dust I found the original Graphite Grey paint in remarkable condition. Will post photos when...
  12. Blaupunkt New York 800

    ICE & Blue&Me
    Anybody seen these in action or know anything about them? Blaupunkt: Multimedia Navigation[view]=1462&no_cache=1&L=1 Looks a nice clean device with a fascia colour that would match the GTA interior rather well. Cheers Sean
  13. Newport (forget Jay Z New York)

    Wales South
    Hey Tess, I saw this and thought of you! :thumbs: YouTube - Newport (Ymerodraeth State of Mind)
  14. Alfa Centenary - York - Set 2

    Motoring Images
    Here's some more.... Enjoy
  15. Alfa Centenary - York

    Motoring Images
    OK people, I was at the Alfa Romeo Centenary in York last weekend and took some pics.... As I can only upload 15 images per thread, this will be the first set. Click the thumbs for the larger image!
  16. Pictures From 'Giorno Alfa Centenario' @ York

    Meets & Events Images
    Unfortunately just a few ropey camera phone shots from me. :blush:
  17. Who's Going To York Tomorrow?

    North East
  18. York Anyone???

    West Midlands
    Just booked a night in one of Yorks Premier inns to stay over for this event.... Just wondered if any other WestMids AOer's are going aswell??? :thumbs:
  19. Alfa Centenary Celebration York 2May2010

    North West
    I noticed that Piccadilly Motors are hosting a Centenary Celebration in York on Sunday 2 May with, appropriately I guess, with 100 Alfas on display. Looks good to me, are we going to get a convoy together?
  20. Alfa centenary day in York

    Is anyone heading to this event on the 2nd may 2010 ????