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  1. Happy new year -from a Newbie.

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi My 156 Selespeed has red frothy power sterring fluid oozing from the overflow pipe near the fluid reservior, so I guess I've got air in the system. I have found a few posts refering to this and I'm about to check the pipes for leaks.. The joy of car maintenance.:rolleyes:
  2. A Happy New Year from my Car...

    General Alfa Discussion
    Happy New Year everyone! I don't know if you're all as lucky as me, but my 156 gave me a wonderful new year's gift yesterday evening: It thought it would be lovely to chuck all its power steering fluid all over my girlfriend's parents' drive :rolleyes: Luckily it wasn't as bad as it could be...
  3. My 52 Photos of the year!

    Non Motoring Images
    My idea is to cycle some where in south Lanarkshire every weekend and photograph it so that I can get some exercise. I tried joining the gym but they complain bitterly when I try to practice my photography! I thought I would post the results here. So here is my first photo. Taken a massive...
  4. the first sunset of the new year

    Non Motoring Images
    snapped this this evening... its been a brilliant day, hopefully tomorrow will be the same
  5. My 52 Photos of the year!

    South Scotland
    EDIT: Sorry guys. Due to the tab rules I have to post it in the images lounge the thread is now here. My idea is to cycle some where in south Lanarkshire every weekend and photograph it so...
  6. What year is it?

    Poll Room
    I'm not sure which one I'm going to use yet. Are you going traditional or American this year?
  7. Typically Alfa new year

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    First drive of the year, 1/2 a mile down the road clatter clatter from under the bonnet, aux belt fitted 2 weeks ago has shredded on one side and is whipping the bonnet hence noise, cut off the whipping bit with trusty penknife and all is well, i think they have fitted the wrong belt, too wide...
  8. Happy New Year! What's in store for your Alfa in 2010?

    North East
    Here's to a happy and prosperous 2010! For me: 1: Front end resprayed to get rid of 9 years worth of stone chips. 2: Full detailing including engine bay. 3: Alloys refurbished. 4: Sell the Defender and buy a 156 GTA SW! 5: Go to the Alfa celebrations at this years Goodwood Festival of Speed.
  9. New Year New Camera

    Motoring Images
    Took this as Big Ben was chiming in 2010 :thumbs: Love my new camera.....:)
  10. Happy New year to all

    South East
    Happy New year guys.... it's a new decade and my fourth as an alfa owner:eek: My new year resolution is to find more time for the site and less time at work:tut:....and to finally rid the curse of wheel wobble from my 155...lots of shiney bits on the way!:thumbs: I hope everyone here has a...
  11. Happy New Year

    West Midlands
    I'd just like to take this oppotunity to wish all west midlanders a very happy 2010.:thumbs: