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  1. What to do with a worthless yet still useful Polo?

    General Motoring Discussion
    Troops, My former 1998 Polo faces the MOT on Tuesday, and my sister isn't sure it'll pass. It's done 160,000 miles and mechanically it runs like a watch (bar the rear shocks). The door locks don't work, both electric windows are now bust, and it is pitted with rust. The best bits are the four...
  2. worthless suds

    Alfa 33, Sud & Sprint
    i can't believe the stupidly low prices suds are fetching these days, its absolutly scanderless, i would hate to think if i ever sold one of mine ,that i would only get an apittence for them , like they have been going for. :rant: maybe i should have posted this in the rant room what do you...
  3. Worthless

    Alfa 33, Sud & Sprint
    It seems the 33 has lost it's value... Totally! 33 can't be found in any car dealers yard (nor showroom for that matter) and privat people are selling'em for 200 - 500 € No delaer is willing to take'em or atleast are not willing to pay for them :( This means I get to drive me 33 till it...
  4. worthless 155 update

    General Alfa Discussion
    Well after my query the other day Im convinved the car has just shot up in value a trillion times !!!!!!!! The car has been sitting for about 6 weeks without moving or being started so I thought Id better pay it a visit. ( living the retired life about 20 miles away at my nans place , glad she...
  5. Just how worthless is a 155 these days :0(

    General Alfa Discussion
    Ok, so this depends on wether you actually like love the car as an enthusiast,( all us here) or would buy it as a cheap hack thats a little different. Has anyone else tried to sell a slim body lately with absolutely no sucess. I know the earlier cars arent as good as a w/b, (Ive had 2 slims...