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    Had to have the GT serviced and a few other bits doing on it. Had great service and the guy is very friendly and passionate about alfas, very fast service too id recoment them to anyone. . WAD Alfa Romeo Service Specialists - Wolverhampton, West Midlands
  2. General Alfa Discussion
    on thurs i took my alfa to wads to have a new rad and stat they have done the work and it is now running perfectly:D :D although before i took it in the power steering developed a very loud whine as if it had no fluid in the system. it did and i thought the pump was broken.:( anyway when i...
  3. West Midlands
    Hi ya just had my car back from wad in wolverhampton they were absolutly superb they did my cambelt, all tensioners, all rollers, variator, auxillary belt, water pump, bottom radiator hose, oil and filter change and stopped a leak from my sump plug and i was only charged £540 which i thought was...
  4. West Midlands
    hi ya just bought my first alfa and love it too bits, its booked in at wad in wolverhampton which is about ten mins from where i live, i have heard some very good comments about the place, just wondered if any of you take yours there, cheers dan
  5. General Alfa Discussion
    Anybody had dealings with these guys? My GT will be out of warranty later this year, and I'm bu**ered if I'll be using a dealer if I can help it for servicing etc. I'd much rather take it to someone who has a bit of passion for the brand. Their website suggests that they are real enthusiasts...
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    How you doin 2day? Am Mel am 21 from Wolverhampton got myself a GT JTD a couple of months ago and stumbled across this website when searchin for sum info on Speaker Sizes!