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  1. Has anyone tasted the Alfa Wine?

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    And, if you have, is it actually any good? Alfa Wine
  2. Mulled Wine - a cheering treat or Devil's P155

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    The title says it all really - I have made some for guests - in my opinion a waste of good alcohol. Paul
  3. Alfa Wine?!

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    anyone else seen this on the Alfa Sport collection site? Button down the bottom linking to a site that is doing endorsed wines for Fiat, Alfa, Lancia, and Juventus!!! Cool looking bottle! Sport Collection
  4. Wine?

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  5. Wine Drinker ? Then Place your vote.

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    There are so many types of wines, what wine is your cup of tea :D:D Personal Favourite is a Merlot from this winery Goes well with a nice home cooked roast! In General there entire range of wines are fabulous :D:D.
  6. No free wine...

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    ...or food or foxy chicks or free key rings or anything. Yes, I am talking about the so called "VIP Launch" of the new 156"! The invitation lookked great but when my girlfriend and I turned up at the garage we were just met by the usual uninformed baggy arse salesman. The only thing unusual was...