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  1. Tifosi27's Series 3 Spider

    Tifosi27's Series 3 Spider
  2. Motoring Images
    After a good wash today, I took this picture.. I had a very cheap camera with me, and the result is very poor, but still I wanted to share this with you.. she's so beautiful
  3. Motoring Images
    Wim, Have fun today with picking up your brand new GT JTD. And don't forget to make the pictures you promised to take. Hans
  4. Motoring Images
    Wim, the pack is inside my Bella's trunk wink You'll have a share of it (if I get the sofa, that is wink )
  5. Motoring Images
    With this I should look :cool: on the ski slopes next month: (thanks to hans for the speedy delivery :) )
  6. Motoring Images
    outside view.. check out the white side-indicators and the short stick antenna :) she's a little bit dirty, but it's difficult to keep her clean these days.. besides, I like my women a bit "dirty" :D an inside shot: I'll post some more pics tomorrow, after I cleaned the car.. I'll...
  7. General Alfa Discussion
    My old chap, I hope you an excelent day!! You're not getting old mate, we all are!!! :rolleyes: :D wink And has you have said: we're only as old as we behave!! :D :D Happy Birthday Wim!!! :) :) :)
1-8 of 8 Results