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  1. Hello from new boy in wiltshire

    South West
    Hello everyone I'm Drew I drive a 156 2.4 JTD with a super chip to give in a added kick not that it needs it. Just wondering were the nearest club is in the south west?
  2. Hello from new boy in wiltshire

    Introduce Yourself
    Hello Just joined i drive a 156 2.4 JTD with a super chip just for a added kick. Cheers Drew
  3. Alfa specialists in Wiltshire area?

    General Alfa Discussion
    Does anyone know of any good Alfa specialists in the Salisbury area? Are these people any good: ? I've just moved up from Devon and was using W Sanders & Son in Holsworthy, who were very good. Have an annoying knocking through steering I need...
  4. south west or wiltshire???

    General Alfa Discussion
    hi all, just wondering if there are many if any AOs in the wilts/sw area???? or is there a local thread that i have missed??? as a newbie i'd really appreciate advice on best garages for services etc.... :D
  5. Silver GTA Wiltshire

    Alfa GTA
    Seen a silver GTA with a private plate on the way back fromReading yesterday. Anyone here?
  6. My Bank Holiday in Wiltshire

    Motoring Images
    Hi Chaps. Just got back from a bank holiday break in Wiltshire, UK. Took the van and the bike and I have attached some photos of my travels. I saw many Alfa 156 drivers in particular when I was down there and many looked at me with enthusiasm. I therefore wondered if anyone had spotted me from...
  7. Wiltshire

    General Alfa Discussion
    Is Wiltshire the Hub of GTV's and Alfa's in General. On my new drive to work from Bath to Westbury I see 5-6 GTV's a day. My old drive into Bristol, I was lucky to see 1 a week. Following behind a 'V' reg silver GTV yesterday who was flooring it :) , I realised how slow my GTV is when I can't...