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  1. any pic of white wheels on a 147

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    always like the look of them on red cars just wonderd what the 147 wud look likemutispoke like team dynamics monzas
  2. What is more rare than a white Alfa?

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    Three white Alfas! :D
  3. Friends Toyota GT Starlet in Alfa Pearl White.

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    What do ye all think lads?? Said I would post as he just got it resprayed from balck to that white. Damien
  4. gary white

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    hello im gary pleased to meet you all:
  5. Black and White garage - Nr Newbury.

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Hi guys - ive recently bought a Spider 98 in silver and very nice she is too - complete with now squeaky rear susp. (will get the powerflex option ASAP i think before it eats the rear subframe) I want to keep up the A-R service history though so was wondering has anyone her had much / any...
  6. Black & White Garage,Newbury....Reputable?

    General Alfa Discussion
    I'm going to look at GTV 3.0 at this garage tomorrow. Does anyone have any comments about whether or not they are "honest"? Help/advice appreciated. Thanks Alan Walker
  7. Black and White 156

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    Some pictures from today
  8. Abandoned white 146 in West Country

    General Alfa Discussion
    I spotted a white 146 abandoned on the A380 today between Exeter and Torquay. I thought it was broken down at first but when i got a bit closer i saw that there were no number plates on it. Thought i would post it up on here in case anybody was missing one, cos it wont be long before bits start...
  9. Is white alright?

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    White cars used to be popular in the 80s and early 90s (e.g., Escort RS Turbo etc), but many people now warn against getting a white car as they have lower residual values. My 33 is white, and I think its one of the best colour for a 33, but I couldn't imagine my GTV being white. Do people...
  10. Swapping white dials to black

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi everyone, how easy is it to swap the white dials on a 156 to black ones as on the sport packed cars? I have found a car which tempts me to buy but as it's a Lusso and not a sport packed car it has these white dials which I don't like much. Many thanks..
  11. For Fans Of White Alfas.

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT :cool:
  12. White and Red GTA (and its clean)

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    with the arrival of my digital camera and Paint Shop Pro on the laptop ive taken some more photo's of my now very nearly clean GTA with the traditional colour being red i tried!! :D
  13. White 147GTA

    Alfa GTA
    I haven't seen a white 147GTA in Sydney before and I'm very curious as to the reason behind this. Is it because people just don't like the colour white? What's the reason?
  14. An afternoon well spent (contains white 156!)

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    :p An unusual urge to leave the flat on a Saturday morning found me heading out to my local Alfa garage for a chat about a few things........ :D I came away very happy a few hours later with a replacement AFM for little money and a bootful of rear suspension components to prepare for fitment of...