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  1. Western Colinton Edinburgh Servicing Woes

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Bought a lovely Giulietta JTDM in April 2014....had a bad experience with the purchase and was offered a free service at 21,000 miles which was duly carried out by them at the appropriate time. On 31st March 2017 this year with 37,000 miles on the clock I asked PK Supercars in Elphinstone to...
  2. Service/Oil Change Western Cape

    South Africa
    Hi All! I am new to the forum. Also a first time Alfa owner. I bought a 2013 Giulietta Distinctive TCT at the end of last year. She had a couple of bumps and bruises but I got that sorted. Currently she has is on 29 000 km's and I want to have the oil change at 30 000km. (She had her 60...
  3. Informal breakfast run Western Cape, 17 July 2016

    South Africa
    INFORMAL BREAKFAST RUN, Sunday 17th July, 7 for 7:30am. Not club affiliated. Just a few friends taking a drive. All Alfisti welcome. WHAT WE'RE DOING: Driving some of the Cape's finest roads with a mix of winding passes and long straights, and blessing the mountains with glorious Italian...
  4. Western Leaving Forum

    Western Alfa Romeo
    Hi Ladies and Gents, Just a note to say we have decided not to renew our Membership to be in the AO Trade Village. I'll still be here hopefully still under the name westernparts, not sure if I'm getting kicked off completely if not I'll create a new name! :thumbup: I have enjoyed being here...
  5. Western Cape Alfa owner run 8 May 2016

    South Africa
    Description 7:30am meet. A morning of Alfa magic on some of the Cape's finest roads. Where man and machine meet man and machine and create beautiful music from sea level air, fuel and winding mountain passes. White-knuckle moments of automotive joy and serene oneness with your steed and the...
  6. Calling the Western Cape AR owners - advice pse

    South Africa
    My GTV6 is stored with family in Durbanville. I need to have a police clearance done. I spoke to some very helpful SAPS members who advised that the car will need to be taken to a place in Bellville where the clearance can be issued. I need a reliable contact with a trailer or low loader that...
  7. Western Finished in Glasgow

    South Scotland
    Just been in Western Glasgow which has just had a full re vamp to total Lexus now no more Alfa sales but they said they will still do warranty work on Alfas. Seemingly Edinburgh will still sell Alfa for now what the fxxk is happening all of Scotland only one garage selling Alfa now wonder people...
  8. AO Western Cape December run

    South Africa
    We are planning a run early in December before the roads get too full. I'm not sure what the route will be, we can decide in this post? I'm sure El and the rest of the usual suspects may already have something mapped out. The planned date is the 6th. All AOWC guys are welcome to pull through...
  9. Western Website

    Western Alfa Romeo
    Link to our website for New and Used cars..... Western Edinburgh Any Sales or Service enquiries message here or PM. Regards, Gav.
  10. AO Western Cape run

    South Africa
    What's happening? When are we talking about the route and rendezvous point?
  11. AO SA Western Cape breakfast run 15 March 2015

    South Africa
    Cape Alfa's route. Details to follow.
  12. Warranty - Mirror

    Alfa Giulietta
    Had my G in dealership today as rear view mirror has been vibrating when driving making it difficult to focus on cars behind me. Dealership advised the glass had probably come loose from the mounting and advised they ordered a new bit of glass. I've got the car back tonight and it doesn't seem...
  13. Western Perth

    North Scotland
    I have received a letter to say Western Perth is closing down due to the uneconomic trading condtions as there are only 2 Alfa models and the Saab franchise is finished, well they didn't say that exactly but it is a brief precis of the letter. Initially I thought this was bad news but hope...
  14. What happened to the western lounge?

    South Scotland
    I just noticed that the Western dealer lounge has gone. Have they left the forum?
  15. Great Western Alfa Day

    Meets & Events Images
    Few pics from this mornings meet in the Docks in Bristol :)
  16. Sun September 8th Bristol: Great Western Italian Day.

    South West
    The Italian Auto Moto Club are to hold their Great Western Italian Day at the M Shed in Bristol on Sunday 8th September between 10am & 3pm. Please note this is on the same day as Septembers Avenue Drivers Club and within 1/4 of a mile. So TWO car events on the same day...
  17. Sun September 8th Bristol: Great Western Italian Day.

    UK National Events
    The Italian Auto Moto Club are to hold their Great Western Italian Day at the M Shed in Bristol on Sunday 8th September between 10am & 3pm. Please note this is on the same day as Septembers Avenue Drivers Club and within 1/4 of a mile. So TWO car events on the same day! :cool: Italian Auto...
  18. Western Edinburgh

    Western Alfa Romeo
    Afternoon Folks Just a message to say Edinburgh are now Live on Alfa Owner Forum :thumbs: I currently have a small selection of Parts on Ebay if anyone is looking for Genuine Parts at reduced prices. (new to this so will see if I can work out how to list the links) Looking to get some more...
  19. GTAs at Great Western Italian Day this Sunday

    Alfa GTA
    Hi all, Steve Davies alerted me to this nice event on Sunday, see Just turn up on the day, pay on the gate and park with the Italian cars. Not sure if I can make it yet but there are a few GTAs going already so if anyone...
  20. Great Western Italian Day September 9th

    Wales South
    Hi all, Fancy a trip over the bridge? This year's Great Western Italian Day will be held at the Steam Museum in Swindon on Sunday September 9th. Plenty to see and do in addition to viewing all the Italian eye candy and chating with fellow enthusiasts. A great place for AO folks to meet up...