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  1. Can you guess what this weeken'ds job is?

    Alfa GTA
    It's been 3 years. The needle has started to lurk a touch closer to the 70 and the lack of a sealing gasket is now allowing a small dribble of coolant out when the engine gets very hot. It is part no: 60563989 the proper 156 GTA one. The one at the moment is the brass barrel 147 GTA version...
  2. anybody got a few weekends spare?

    The Classic Alfa Romeos
    Alfa Romeo 2600 spider touring For Sale (1964) on Car And Classic UK [C478027]
  3. my weekends work, and a beauty

    Motoring Images
    spent most of the weekend washing, t-cutting, waxing and polishing my new baby, and replacing some pipes, just wanted to show her off. and i spotted this little beauty outside my office yesterday, makes a change from all the big aMG mercs and plastic audi supercars that are usually there.
  4. Weekends Bumper Crop o' Issues

    Alfa MiTo
    So this weekend seems to have had a negative effect on my car (more specifically, washing the car this weekend oddly enough...) and I'm hoping for a little insight (not a Honda one though). First off, my Media Player mode on the stereo, which was working fine till I washed the car (?) now just...
  5. A weekends good wrenching

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    just thought I'd share my acheivements from this weekend on my 98 Phase 1 the most time consuming was the wishbones - I hated every minute (a snapped balljoint retaining bolt n/s, and the other side was also a fatherless son to get out) front wishbones - done droplinks - done split cv sticky...
  6. Weekends Flood in Plett, SA

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    Was a bit wet this past weekend in our area...:eek:
  7. Weekends Scottish west coast meet.

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    Some of my pics from our visit to Largs, Ayrshire at the weekend! :cool: See the thread in Meets section. :)
  8. Pics from last weekends ARCSA run

    Motoring Images
    Some pics of Sunday's ARCSA run to Parys (yes , we also have a Paris in South Africa) where we did some river rafting. Great fun, but the sun really got hold of us. 1. Alfas as far as the eye can see 2. a ZA spec 3 litre GTV and a 2.5 3. Stunning little 1750 Berlina and new Spider 4. Some nice...
  9. This weekends Cap Com

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    New rules of the road have been set in stone.