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  1. Typical bank holiday weekend

    Alfa Giulia
    Out of work, nipping out the shop for supplies, ENGINE WARNING LIGHT kicks in and limp mode. No chance of a dealer looking at it until next week so that’s my weekend plans to pootle to Wales nerfed. Arse. 7k miles. Bet it’s something stupid too. Hope it rains now. Sent from my iPhone using...
  2. Brooklands next weekend

    Alfa Giulia
    Anyone going to Auto Italia day next weekend?
  3. Picked up 156 v6 in nuvola azurro at the weekend

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi All Love Alfa’s Had a 156 v6 years ago - silver with red leather Have missed it since I run a 147 collezione- black and white but miss the sound of the Busso So I bought a 2001 156 v6 at the weekend It’s in amazing nuvola azurro blue It has genuine 48k Drove back to Hastings where I live...
  4. windy GT weekend :/

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    hi, just did a run down to reading on saturday and ok it was pretty windy and all - but the ol' GT felt pretty rubbish :/ anyone else have similar exp in the wind? i knw mine has duff wheel at back, so that doesnt hep much with the ride.....and some of the surfaces are poor on my route (m42...
  5. A weekend of work on the Cloverleaf, Part 4

    Motoring Images
    Part 1 here: Part 2 here: Part 3 here: As Tradition dictates, i always post up a diary of any major work on te 145. This weekend was time for an oil change (the 2nd in my ownership) and continuing the tradition of the previous owners 4000 mile oil changes (though this one timed at approx 4700...
  6. easter weekend in Llandudno

    Wales North
    Hello wales. Travelling down to Llanduno for easter is there anything happening down there? Meets/runs? Are the police still keen on speeding down the a55 ? cos i got a speeding ticket there a few years back.:cry:
  7. Nurburgring this weekend? 23rd Feb...

    International Events
    I'm heading over to the continent in the 156 this weekend, meeting up with my brother, so we're hitting the Nurburgring yet again on Saturday. If anyone's around... I'll be in the Green rocket!!!! Don't be shy. PS the forecast is excellent :D
  8. GTV poss this weekend.

    General Alfa Discussion
    hi guys i might have myself a GTV this weekend, not the V6 but a very nice looking twinny :) 77k on clock cambelt done and other important bits. black leather interior, 1997. heres pics. any comments on what i should look out for and whats your views on it? not too keen on the tinted side...
  9. Upgraded to an 8C Competizione this weekend and here’s the photo!

    General Alfa Discussion
    :lol: :lol: :lol: Took me ages to persuade my son to buy the Alfa rather than a lousy Ford GT! But I think he is now converted…
  10. AONW Camping / Caravan weekend

    North West
    I've just sent an email to this place. Stanwix Park Let's do like we did with the Carting Poll :) No dates yet just see how the Idea goes and I'll set dates and do the booking arrangements if we get enough interest ;) If you look at the type of accomodation then the prices to see what suits...
  11. A weekend of work on the cloverleaf, part 3

    Motoring Images
    Part 1 here: Part 2 here: This one was an epic, not so much the job planned to do, but the fact i did all this in sub zero temperatures outside in frost that is a week old!! I posted a topic earlier (that was largly ignored) about my brakes making a funny noise, after inspection, i realised i...
  12. busy weekend comong up!!!

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    well just ordered my self a and so looks like i got a busy weekend a work...
  13. A weekend of work on the cloverleaf, Chapter 2

    Motoring Images
    The origional work began here: Now, today (21/10/07) was a fun day, i had only a few hours to work on the car and so much i wanted to do. The main job of the day was to fix the heavily...
  14. A Nice sunny weekend

    Motoring Images
    But where :D They mate for life :cool: A Couple of nice sunset shots :D Along the tow path :D Any one know where I was :D
  15. Looking To Buy A Brera This Weekend

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    I'm looking at purchasing a used Brera 2.2SV and have found one that I am 99% sure I will put a deposit on this weekend. Couple of questions, I have had a 146 and a 147 in the past (BMW at the moment) and I had my fair share of trouble with the Alfa's (new cylinder head 146 new gearbox 147). I...
  16. Lakes weekend

    Motoring Images
    We just got back from a nice weekend in the lake district and a meet at holker hall with some other AO members, more pics of the meet will be in another thread soon :)
  17. Doing Some Work this weekend

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Just thought I''d quiz a few of you I'm very much a novice at changing/cleaning stuff in the engine and doing some pre winter checks, looking at some of the threads i can see one or two issues I'm having with my 1.8ts, Could anyone tell me where the MAF sensor is in the engine so I can clean it...
  18. A weekend of work on the Cloverleaf.

    Motoring Images
    What a weekend. I have spent most of my time doing some major/minor repairs to the cloverleaf. Here goes: First of all were the rear brakes, Before: And after, 6 hours later (bleedin calipers!!!!): Then on sunday, i decided to rebuild the throttle body to fix the dodgy Idle. First i...
  19. Hello, picking my 159 SW up next weekend

    Introduce Yourself
    Hope it is a good one it is slightly worrying that 10% have been returned as reported by the poll. I have seen the car before it's PDI I was amazed that they wrap the car and seal the boot and passenger doors. I have had company cars for the past 24 years this is the first new car that I have...
  20. Ferrari weekend at Silverstone

    General Motoring Discussion
    Is anyone else heading to Silverstone this weekend to watch any of the Ferrari celebrations - the Old Man obviously learned his craft well with his last employer before branching out on his own. Hopefully there will be a good collection of classic cars, and the F1 races should be good...