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  1. Alfa UK web site no QV configuration

    General Alfa Discussion
    For the last 2 days I found you can't configure a new QV unless you have a recent code from a previous configuration. Alfa broken their own web site?
  2. Spider's web of wire's!!

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Another query somebody might have the answer to. The battery has failed so it's not a big problem to buy a new one and fit it, is it? Well in my Spider, YES! The previous owner obviously wanted to upgrade the stereo system and purchased a Focal IBUS 2.1 Under Seat Subwoofer. Only slight problem...
  3. Parts web site

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Found this site last night seems quite good against the standard eper.
  4. Chromium Web Browser Ubuntu

    The Technology Section
    Anyone having problems using Chromium since thier latest update ? Getting a lot of "Aw Snap...something went wrong" messages in these sites so far...Gumtree...Amazon... Facebook Pain in the must be Chromium as it works fine with Firefox...but i prefer Chromium.
  5. AWS, Amazon Web Services

    The Technology Section
    Just wondering if anyone knows of any decent online resources for learning AWS? We are really pushing ahead with this at work, but as a department we are being a little left out on this side, which I am finding concerning. Hence I want to get my skills up independently. TIA.
  6. Web Design For Alfa Romeo Themed Websites

    General Alfa Discussion
    A bit cheeky , but as a regular Alfaowner member I would just like to make people aware that I am available for web development projects at very low prices. If you have a club or non-profit organization I may be able to help. Today I would like to announce the re-launch of the website for...
  7. ARCSA Web Site

    South Africa
    Just in case it isn't already known by all SA Alfa owners, there is a new ARCSA website up and running at alfaromeoclubsa The old website, HOME is no longer being maintained and everyone should now be going to the new website for news, etc.
  8. Nice GTV on web live auction soon

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Just thought u guys might be interested to check out: Lot 221 - Historics Car Auction - Historics At Brooklands - Or if your pockets are deep enough, you can even bid on a 560-4 spyder :eek::eek::eek:
  9. Arabic web site

    United Arab Emirates
    There is a new web site that i hope will be useful
  10. Massive amount of classic car images put on web by Stanford

    The Classic Alfa Romeos
    Massive amount of classic car images put on web by Stanford Stanford University and The Revs Institute put 200,000 automotive history images on web - Here's just a small Alfa inspired selection, you can only capture a qtr of an image, but you get the drift;
  11. Look what i have found on the inter web

    General Alfa Discussion
    Okay not gone out, wife is watching cooking factor on ice street or something so had a trawl around look what i found!
  12. Microsoft frontpage or other web design software?

    The Technology Section
    I need to be able to slightly amend from time to time a web site I have set up. I have been told that Microsoft Frontpage is good for this. Is this a free download anywhere? If not, is there something else I can use (free!)? Thanks!
  13. Interesting web site found.....

    Alfa 33, Sud & Sprint
    I stumbled across this interesting web site: DriveArchive - Vehicle History and Fate - Home basically you can search for old cars using reg. no's and find cars already on the system, it is trying to trace car histories etc. :cool:
  14. Track car web sites?

    General Motoring Discussion
    I want to start racing, maybe on a competitive nature, but first as a complete novice I shall be going on novice track days at Snetterton or Brands.(in what I'm not sure yet, I'm not trashing my Alfas). What I would like to know if anybody knows of any informative web sites as to rules regs and...
  15. Cloud based web sites

    The Technology Section
    I need help folks :) Today at our group H&S meeting I was "nominated" as the person who is going to create our group HS&E cloud based web site :eek: Our MD is an iphone fanatic and want's the board and all of the senior management team to be able to access a cloud based site that links all...
  16. New 916 specialised web & forum

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Hi fellow 916 owners! Last year my friend Charlee (admin of Croatian Coure Sportivo web for years) started a specialised web & forum only for 916 GTV & Spider owners. It is a nice friendly community but available only in Croatian. Now, there is an international version and you are invited to...
  17. Interesting parts web site

    General Motoring Discussion
    I accidentally came across a website called Car Parts | Spare Parts | Car Parts Online | Motor Spares when browsing today. When I logged in I thought that it looked familiar ... and it was a copy of Euro Car Parts | The UK's Number 1 Provider of Car Parts Online and In Store albeit in a...
  18. New CARC web presence

    Introduce Yourself
    Hello my fellow Alfisti The Cape Alfa Romeo Club has just launched a brand new site with myslef as the new webmaster. Take a gander and let me know what you think! Please just bare with me as i complete it as it is a working progress which i do in my spare time! Cape Alfa Romeo Club Enjoy!
  19. EPARC now on the web

    South Africa
    Hi the EP Alfa Romeo Club just joint the web. Check it out :thumbs: EPARC Home
  20. check out my web site!!

    General Alfa Discussion
    :wow copy and paste this address in your main serch bar at the top of your internet page. i hope this link works. let me know what you think please. cheers guys!!!