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    Alfa 156 v Maserati Quattroporte VI
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    Britain v Italy
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    This should be the final really
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    Another catfight
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    I fear the stately Rover may be outmatched here.
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    An all Italian bout.
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    Remember kids, it's an Alfa forum. bias, unconscious or otherwise, is perfectly acceptable.
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    Bristol 405 v SI XJ6 SWB
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    Alfa of Italy v Rover of England
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    Tough one this
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    This has the feel of a 10th and 11th place play-off
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    Retstrained and elegant saloon car v oddly proportioned coupe-based pseudo-saloon.
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    Take your pic.
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    Pretty Italian v slightly iffy Brit.
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    It's the battle of Agincourt all over again.
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    Vote away (ideally for the DS).
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    Pictures to follow.
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    Take your pick
1-19 of 68 Results